part 3: teenage interests

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Rockapella - Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

InsideOut - Innocence

James Taylor - That Lonesome Road

Ascending Height - Superman

InsideOut - Cruel Kindness

While a cappella covers of popular songs are fun, original songs make up 80% of this sample. Some of it is gimmicky, but there is a lot of beauty and flexibility in vocals that disappear when you add instruments. The theme from the PBS kids game show Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego was a fixation of mine, since it combined flexible a cappella talent with hard-hitting nostalgia, an unbeatable combination for a wistful teenager.

A cappella music always had this homegrown feel to it, like with a few friends you could make a zero-dollar band. No equipment, no mixing, just a bunch of dudes on the street. While I sang in madrigal choir during these years, it was not until college that I would be in an a cappella group myself.


This is what newer Superman movies are missing: farce. He looks right into the camera to make sure we get the joke.

Can you tell that I love oaths? See also: Magic Words RPG.


This is a sequel section to the Hotel TV section. When I was a teen, I still didn't have cable TV. I would catch adult swim shows at friends houses, on borrowed DVDs, or pirated online. Why are there so many audio files on this page? A friend of mine burned a CD of audio ripped from Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Yes, I experienced ATHF primarily on CD-R. Give these episodes a listen and see which jokes land and which don't.

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