About Me

Oh! You've found my personal page.

I'm Daniel, an eclectic hobbyist creator. I'm a fan of tabletop RPGs, television made for tweens, odd or inexpensive musical instruments, and giving positive affirmations. You're worth it. You can email me if you want at this address: d.savage PhD {at} gmail -dot- com     The PhD at the end is ... aspirational.

This site is mainly about a small pen-and-paper RPG that I wrote, called MAGIC WORDS. Click here to find out more about that whether you've been into RPGs for a long time, or are new and interested in how they work. Either way, I'm looking for playtesters. I love tabletop RPGs, but got real tired of Dungeons & Dragons, and wish more players would branch out. I suppose MAGIC WORDS is me trying to manifest that wish; it's about as different from D&D as you can get, while still retaining a lot of what people love about tabletop games. Contact me if you want to talk about tabletop RPGs, or want to know how to get started playing them with your friends.

RPG Recommendations

If you're looking for RPGs to play besides Dungeons & Dragons, might I suggest:

If you like the setting and characters you made for Magic Words, but want a more complex game, try out:
Haldric the Sinner

Maybe you heard some of my music on the Yesterweb Radio? I haven't published that music in any real capacity (even though I wrote it in 2016), but you can play it below. It's a Dungeon Synth EP called Haldric the Sinner.

I will upload the tracks seperately later.

What is Dungeon Synth? Check out this exploration:

Favorite DS

Here is an external link to my favorite Dungeon Synth album, a major inspiration for Haldric:

Other Dungeon Synth artists that I love:

Beware, traveler! Some DS artists are like, bad folks IRL. Not these ones, far as I can tell.

Recorder Recordings

If synth isn't your style, then below you will find some acoustic music, played on several baroque recorders by yours truly.

Just arrangements here, no original scores.